To speak of it

When a soul gets in a Bronco with a bulldog and starts driving, unencumbered from most things for the moment - how does she speak of what is happening?

Do I tell you that I have been in 7 states in the last 2 month?  About the music, hot chicken, laughter, scooter adventures, family, old friends, new friends, coffee shops, gas stations, scenery and life life life that has poured through me?

Do I tell the story of the woods in Tennessee where I met beautiful souls who fed me fresh venison & lions mane mushrooms and taught me the phrase “we’ll just take it as it comes”?  Should I tell you about finding a copperhead in a woodpile and in my innocence, not knowing enough to be afraid?

Should I tell you about how the trees taught me about acceptance?  Do I speak of the moment just before sunset when the trees appeared to be strung with fairy lights?  Or what it was like to be without people, screens, clocks or running water for 3 days? What is the best way to say that there is anything but silence in the middle of nowhere?  

Should I share with you how I camped on a bluff in Alabama and met a wonderful man named Zeb that wears overalls, eats squirrels and had been on a walkabout of his own?  

Do you want to know about 2 days in an Airstream trailer in Georgia - during which I existed purely on homemade pico de gallo, guacamole and air conditioning?

How do I tell you how hot it was when we broke down on the side of the road in Florida and there were fire ants on my feet, but 3 people showed up to help me - one of whom was missing a front tooth, is an avid supporter of gun rights and asked me if I believed in Jesus Christ?  This same man who loved his job helping people and before we parted ways, looked at me and said, “know how you change the world? One person at a time.”

Or the tow truck driver: a great mass of a man with a fiery red beard & BOSS tattooed on his knuckles and sparkling blue eyes - who hails from a long line of long-haul truckers and was one of the kinder, gentler people I have ever met.  

How do I talk about the fact that I have met people in the last few weeks, who on paper & by belief or background are radically different from me - and I have felt completely held by them?  How do I tell you that I feel tenderness for them all and gratitude and that I smile when I think of them?

How do I tell you that I have felt more like them than different from them?